Post-Fielding Flowchart

Interviewer comments are often used to recover missing data or recode data.

Occupation, industry, health conditions, colleges attended, and geographic areas are among the variables that are coded. Some of this work is performed by external vendors.

This single round, restricted beta release is due to BLS four months after the last case is verified.

These created variables are complicated due to the need to use data from previous rounds, reconcile inconsistencies, restructure the data, etc.

Extremely high values are replaced with top-coded (maximum) values to assure that respondents cannot be identified.

Final documentation is not released until several months after the public data release.

Geocode data are due 15 months after the final case is verified, and generally two months after the public data is released. These data are available via CD to users who are granted a license by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)