Ronni Pavan


Department of Economics, Royal Holloway University of London

NLS user since 2002

  • “Career Choice and Wage Growth.” – Journal of Labor Economics (2011) 29-3: 549-587.
  • “Family Income and Higher Education Choices: The Importance of Accounting for College Quality.” (with Josh Kinsler ) Journal of Human Capital (2011), 5-4: 453-477.
  • “Understanding the City Size Wage Gap.” (with Nathaniel Baum-Snow) – Review of Economic Studies (2012) 79-1: 88-127.
  • “The Role of Career Choice in Understanding Job Mobility.” – LABOUR (2010), 24-2: 107-127.
  • On The Production of Skills and the Birth Order Effect. (2015). Accepted for Publication at JHR
Why I chose NLS data

I have used the NLSY for several of my papers and in my opinion it is the best and most complete longitudinal survey in the US. No other survey will allow you to learn so much about the dynamics of individuals' decisions over their life cycle.