Juli Simon Thomas

Graduate student

Department of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles

NLS user since 2009

  • Brand, Jennie, and Juli Simon Thomas. 2014. “The Effects of Parental Job Displacement on Children's Socioeconomic and Social-Psychological Outcomes.” American Journal of Sociology, 119(4):955-1001.
  • Simon Thomas, Juli. “Variation in Parental Displacement Experiences and Children’s Educational Outcomes: Single Mothers’ Post-Displacement Unemployment.” CCPR Working Paper Series, PWP-CCPR-2014-008.
What I learned from NLS data

We learned that job loss in single mothers' lives affects children in various ways, most of them negative, but with interesting variation. I learned that such disruptions are a shock that goes beyond simply its consequences - being out of work is not as important as the job loss in terms of how it affects children.

Why I chose NLS data

The longitudinal format was perfect for the questions which I and my coauthors were asking. Also, being able to connect parents to children allowed for an intergenerational analysis.