Vernon Loke

Associate Professor

School of Social Work, Eastern Washington University

NLS user since 2007

  • Friedline, T., Nam, I., & Loke, V. (2014). Households’ net worth accumulation patterns and young adults’ financial health: Ripple effects of the Great Recession? Journal of Family and Economic Issues 35(3), 390-410. doi: 10.1007/s10834-013-9379-7
  • Loke, V. (2012). Parental asset accumulation trajectories and children’s college outcomes. Economics of Education Review, 33, 124-133. doi:
  • Loke, V., & Sacco, P. (2011). Changes in assets and children’s educational outcomes: A parallel process latent growth model analysis. Journal of Social Policy 40(2), 351-368.
Why I chose NLS data

The NLS is one of the few datasets that provides data-rich information on household assets and liabilities over time.