Shelly Lundberg

Broom Professor of Demography

Department of Economics, University of California Santa Barbara

Former member of the NLS Technical Review Committee

NLS user since 1988

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  • “State Policy on Welfare, Abortion, and Family Planning and Premarital Childbearing Among White Adolescents,” (joint with Robert Plotnick), Family Planning Perspectives, November 1990, 246-251.
What I learned from NLS data

In the mid-90s, Bob Plotnick and I examined the determinants of adolescent premarital childbearing using an extensive set of state and county indicators of the costs and benefits of fertility control, pregnancy resolution, and pre-birth marriage, finding significant incentive effects on premarital fertility for white, but not black, NLSY samples.

Why I chose NLS data

The rich data in the NLSY79 Child Supplement, including child reports of decision-making and psychological and cognitive traits, enabled my coauthors and me to examine the development of child agency within the family in a way that no other data source would have supported.