Jeffrey Groen

Director, National Longitudinal Surveys Division

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Current director of the NLS program

NLS user since 2001

  • Groen, Jeffrey A. 2004. “The Effect of College Location on Migration of College-Educated Labor.” Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 121, Nos. 1-2 (July-August), 125-142.
  • Groen, Jeffrey A. 2006. "Occupation-Specific Human Capital and Local Labor Markets." Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 58, No. 4 (October), 722-741.
Why I chose NLS data

I first used the NLS for a project that studied the empirical relationship between the state where a person attends college and the state where the person lives after college. For this project, I needed to have data on the same individuals over time that identified educational history and residence location at three points in time (during high school, during college, and after college). The longitudinal nature of the NLSY79, as well as the rich data on educational history and residence location, made it suitable for this project. Although I used the NLSY79 in early versions of this paper, the published version of this paper did not use the NLSY79 data.
For the second project, I needed a dataset with information on the type of training that workers received at the start of their jobs. In addition, the dataset had to identify the occupation of the worker and the metropolitan area where the worker lived. The geocode version of the NLSY79 had all these features.