Lisa Barrow

Senior Economist and Research Advisor

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

NLS user since 1994

  • Barrow L. 1999. “An Analysis of Women’s Return-to-Work Decisions Following First Birth.” Economic Inquiry, 37(3): 432-451.
  • Rouse CE, Barrow L. 2005. “Do Returns to Schooling Differ by Race and Ethnicity?” American Economic Review, 95(2): 83-87.
  • Barrow L, Schanzenbach DW. 2012. “Education and the Poor” In ed. PN Jefferson, Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Poverty, pp. 316-43. Oxford: Oxford University Press
Why I chose NLS data

I first turned to the NLSY79 as a graduate student because of the high quality of the data and documentation. The rich questions and availability of data for several cohorts has continued to prove useful to me in looking at earnings and education questions many years later.