Laura McCloud

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology, Pacific Lutheran University

NLS user since 2007

  • Dwyer, Rachel E., Laura McCloud, and Randy Hodson. 2011. “Youth Debt, Mastery, and Self-Esteem: Class-Stratified Effects of Indebtedness on Self-Concept.” Social Science Research 40(3):727-741.
  • Dwyer, Rachel E., Laura McCloud, and Randy Hodson. 2012. “Debt and GraduationAmerican Universities.” Social Forces 90(4):1133-1155.
  • Dwyer, Rachel E., Randy Hodson, and Laura McCloud. 2013. “Gender, Debt, and Dropping Out of College.” Gender and Society 27(1):30-55.
  • Laura McCloud. 2010. "“Financed Mobility: Parents’ Consumer Credit Histories and Young Adult Outcomes.” Doctoral Dissertation.
What I learned from NLS data

Current young adults experience a different opportunity structure than previous generations because of their interactions with credit.

Why I chose NLS data

The NLS is perfectly suited to look at issues of stratification and mobility due to the panel design. It also has a range of information to look at numerous mechanisms and outcomes of stratification. Specific to my research, the NLS asks young adults about their debt experiences so it targets the population and subject I am most interested in researching.