Marcy Carlson


Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

NLS user since 1996

  • Carlson, Marcia J. and Mary E. Corcoran. 2001. “Family Structure and Children’s Behavioral and Cognitive Outcomes.” Journal of Marriage and Family 63(3):779-792.
  • Carlson, Marcia J. 2006. “Family Structure, Father Involvement and Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes.” Journal of Marriage and Family 68(1):137-154.
  • Carlson, Marcia J., Alicia G. VanOrman, and Natasha V. Pilkauskas. 2013. “Examining the Antecedents of U.S. Nonmarital Fatherhood.” Demography 50(4):1421-1447.
Why I chose NLS data

The NLSY79 is unique in the information provided about parents and family dynamics, as well as aspects of child development and wellbeing. Even while the mothers are interviewed, the NLSY 79provides extensive information about fathers (my main interest)--reported by both mothers and by children. The NLSY79 is a national treasure for understanding family processes that span generations.