Ryan Schroeder


Department of Sociology, University of Louisville

NLS user since 2010

  • Schroeder, Ryan D. and Thomas Mowen. 2014. Parenting Style Transitions and Juvenile Delinquency. Youth and Society 46(2): 228-254
  • Schroeder, Ryan D., George E. Higgins, and Thomas Mowen. 2014. Maternal Attachment Trajectories and Criminal Offending by Race. American Journal of Criminal Justice 39(1): 155-171.
  • Mowen, Thomas, and Ryan D. Schroeder. Parenting Style and Delinquency by Race and the Mediating Effect of Structural Disadvantage. Under second review at Youth and Society.
  • Schroeder, Ryan D. and George E. Higgins. The Doppelganger Parent: An Assessment of Intra- Sibling Parenting Discrepancies and Delinquency (In progress).
What I learned from NLS data

The broad finding from my research with NLS data is that parenting styles and practices are not stable throughout adolescence. Parenting styles and practices change, often substantially, during adolescence and those changes have important implications for developmental outcomes, especially delinquency.

Why I chose NLS data

I used NLS data for my research because it includes detailed, longitudinal information from both parents and children.