Robert Plotnick


Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington

NLS user since 1987

  • Welfare and teenage out-of-wedlock childbearing: Evidence from the 1980s, Journal of Marriage and the Family, 52:3, August 1990, 735-746.
  • Attitudes and nonmarital childbearing: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (with Sandra S. Butler) Journal of Adolescent Research, 6:4, October 1991, 470-492.
  • The effects of attitudes on teenage premarital pregnancy and its resolution, American Sociological Review, 57:6, December 1992, 800-811.
  • Teenage premarital childbearing: Do economic incentives matter? (with Shelly Lundberg) Journal of Labor Economics, 13:2, April 1995, 177-200.
  • How does adolescent childbearing affect the human capital and wages of young women? (with Daniel Klepinger and Shelly Lundberg), Journal of Human Resources 34:3, Summer 1999, 421-448
  • Determinants of initial entry onto welfare by young women (with Marieka Klawitter and Mark Edwards), Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 19:4, Fall 2000, 527-546
Why I chose NLS data

The NLSY79 had the best data for questions I wanted to address and the geocode data allowed me to examine how relevant state policies affected teen and young adult behavior.