Dan Black


Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Former principal investigator of the NLSY97

NLS user since 1990

  • (with Yu-Chieh Hsu, Seth Sanders, Lynne Schofield, and Lowell Taylor). “Black-White Mortality Differentials at Older Ages: Inferential Difficulties and New Evidence”
  • (with J. Smith) “Estimating the Returns to College Quality with Multiple Proxies for Quality” Journal of Labor Economics July 2006 24(3) 701-28.
  • (with K. Daniel and J. Smith) “College Quality and the Wages in the United States” German Economic Review August 2005 6(3) 415-43.
  • (with J. Smith) “How Robust is the Evidence on the Effects of College Quality? Evidence from Matching” Journal of Econometrics August 2004 121(1-2) 99-124
  • (with K. Daniel and J. Smith) “Racial Differences in the Effects of College Quality and Student Body Diversity on Wages.” In Gary Orfield (ed.), Diversity Challenged Cambridge: Harvard Education Publishing Group, 2001, 221-31.
What I learned from NLS data

1. Robust relationship between the quality of higher education institution and subsequent earnings.

2. Inference about black-white difference in mortality difference are dramatically affected by measurement error.

Why I chose NLS data

1. Presence of AFQT and college quality measure in the 1979 cohort.
2. Early cohorts provide a sample of nearly completed lifetimes.