Carrie Shandra

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology/Program in Public Health, State University of New York at Stony Brook

NLS user since 2005

  • Carrie L. Shandra and Dennis P. Hogan. 2008. “School-to-Work Program Participation and the Post-High School Employment of Young Adults with Disabilities.” Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation 29(2): 117-130.
  • Hogan, Dennis P., Carrie L. Shandra and Michael E. Msall. 2007. “Family Developmental Risk Factors among Children with Disabilities and Children of Parents with Disabilities.” Journal of Adolescence 30(6): 1001-1019.
  • Carrie L. Shandra and Afra R. Chowdhury. 2012. “The First Sexual Experience among Adolescent Girls With and Without Disabilities.” Journal of Youth and Adolescence 41(4):515-532.
  • Carrie L. Shandra and Dennis P. Hogan. 2012. “Delinquency among Adolescents with Disabilities.” Child Indicators Research 5(4):771-788.
  • Carrie L. Shandra. 2011. “Life Course Transitions among Adolescents with and without Disabilities: A Longitudinal Examination of Expectations and Outcomes.” International Journal of Sociology 41: 67-86.
  • Carrie L. Shandra, Dennis P. Hogan and Carrie E. Spearin. 2008. “Parenting a Child with a Disability: An Examination of Resident and Non-Resident Fathers.” Journal of Population Research 25(3): 357-377.
Why I chose NLS data

The NLSY97 offers crucial nationally representative data on disability from adolescence through emerging adulthood. The availability of this information--coupled with extensive family, education, and employment histories--is essential for researchers interested in understanding early life course characteristics and transitions among this population.