Lingxin Hao


Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University

Current member of the NLS Technical Review Committee

NLS user since 1986

  • Hao, Lingxin, V. Joseph Hotz and Ginger Z. Jin. 2008. “Games Parents and Adolescents Play: Risky Behavior, Parental Reputation, and Strategic Transfers.” Economic Journal 118:515-555.
  • Hao, Lingxin, Nan M. Astone and Andrew J. Cherlin. 2007. “The Effects of Stringent Child Support and Welfare Policies on Non-marital, Teenage Childbearing.” Population Research and Policy Review 26(3):235-257.
  • Hao, Lingxin and Ross L. Matsueda. 2006. “Family Dynamics through Childhood: A Sibling Model of Behavior Problems.” Social Science Research 35:500-524.
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  • Hao, Lingxin and Mary C. Brinton. 1997. “Productive Activities and Support Systems of Single Mothers.” American Journal of Sociology 102(5):1305-1344.
What I learned from NLS data

I was the research assistant for a research project creating new variables and using data from the NLSY79. My dissertation and the subsequent post-PhD career have used various datasets of NLS.

Why I chose NLS data

Multiple cohort-based data; many years of follow-up; up to 3 generations with longitudinal data; topics of my research interest