Jaeok Kim

graduate student

SUNY Albany

NLS user since 2011

  • Jaeok Kim & Shawn D. Bushway (2014). Using Longitudinal Self-Report Data to Study the Age-Crime Relationship. Working Paper
What I learned from NLS data

I am interested in investigating whether the longitudinal self-reports of crime are valid to study criminal involvement of respondents. Sample attrition and survey fatigue have been often mentioned as the causes of reduced validity of the longitudinal self-report. Although the NLSY97 also confirms that the probability of criminal involvement at a given age gets smaller for those who responded at a later wave, the magnitude of the difference was smaller than the previous findings (Lauritsen, 1998).

Why I chose NLS data

My research topic is specifically focusing on the validity of longitudinal self-report and the NLSY97 is one of most widely used panel data these days. Longer interview waves and the availability of various items that might be related to the individual offending appeal to the researcher who is interested in studying the life-course of the individual offending.