Sherry Glied

Dean and Professor of Public Service

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University

NLS user since 1996

  • Glied, Sherry. "Is smoking delayed smoking averted?." American journal of public health 93.3 (2003): 412-416.
  • Glied, Sherry. "Youth tobacco control: reconciling theory and empirical evidence." Journal of health economics 21.1 (2002): 117-135.
  • Glied, Sherry, Ashwin G. Prabhu, and Norman Edelman. "The cost of primary care doctors." Forum for Health Economics & Policy. Vol. 12. No. 1. 2009.
What I learned from NLS data

Much of the course of adult life is determined during the critical period of late adolescence and early adulthood. The NLSY allowed me to better understand how these experiences affect health and career choices.

Why I chose NLS data

Very simple --- the NLSY was the only dataset that had information about determinants of key early life choices, like smoking behavior, grades, and AFQT scores.