Madeline Zavodny


Department of Economics, Agnes Scott College

NLS user since 1997

  • Ginther, Donna, and Madeline Zavodny. “Is the Male Marriage Premium Due to Selection? The Effect of Shotgun Weddings on the Return to Marriage.” Journal of Population Economics 14 (2001): 313-328
  • Zavodny, Madeline. “Technology and Job Separation Among Young Adults, 1980-98.” Economic Inquiry 41 (April 2003): 264-278
  • Zavodny, Madeline. “Does Watching Television Rot Your Mind? Estimates of the Effect on Test Scores.” Economics of Education Review 25 (October 2006): 565-573
What I learned from NLS data

I've used the NYS data to examine a variety of topics, including whether marital status affects men's wages and the relationship between academic achievement and hours of television watched.

Why I chose NLS data

The NLSs are a rich source of data on Americans. The long time period for which they follow people is invaluable.