Joseph Price

Associate Professor

Department of Economics, Brigham Young University

NLS user since 2005

  • Buckles, Kasey and Joseph Price. “Selection and the Marriage Premium for Infant Health” Demography, 50(4):1315-1339, 2013.
  • Price, Joseph and Jeffrey Swigert. “Within-Family Variation in Obesity” Economics & Human Biology, 10(4): 333-339, 2012.
  • Pope, Bryson; Joseph Price and Dean Lillard. “The Impact of Religion on Youth Outcomes” Journal of Business Inquiry, 13(1): 48-60, 2014.
  • Covington, Reggie; Elizabeth Peters; Joseph Price and Joseph Sabia. “The Effect of Teenage Childbearing on Adult Civic Engagement” Working paper.
  • Kalil, Ariel and Joseph Price. “The Effect of Parental Time Investments: Evidence from Natural Within-Family Variation” Working paper.
Why I chose NLS data

It provides a unique look at the family structure and parental inputs that individuals receive over their childhood and how these relate to their outcomes later in life.