Frank Mott

Senior Research Scientist (retired)

Center for Human Resource Research, Ohio State University

Former principal investigator of the Child cohort.

NLS user since 1975

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What I learned from NLS data

Essentially what I have learned is that research is no better than the quality of the data, which is contingent on the knowledge and sensitivity of the questions, the interviewers, as well as the capabilities of the researchers in using the data.

Why I chose NLS data

While working in Lagos, Nigeria in 1975 and wondering what to do next, I received a note from Herb Parnes asking whether I would like to work with the NLS at Ohio State. I happily accepted. Previously I had been involved in the inception of the NLS while working at the Department of Labor Manpower Administration in 1965. I might be able to say that I'm the only one who has been connected with the NLS for its whole 50 year history!